Bollywood is a gateway for you to enter and make all your dreams come true. It’s not just a platform to showcase your talent but much more and much bigger. Some often say that Bollywood is an adaptation of Hollywood, but in the broader spectrum it is an evolution of Hindi Cinema influenced by some western silver screen practices and trends.

There are 3 C’s extremely popular among varied Indians – Cricket, Cinema and Crime. They are crazy about Bollywood- whenever an actor  sings a romantic number for her beloved, the usual separation drama  in the second half  and the much awaited climax makes up for the blue print of any Hindi film.  A famous actor has well coated that they are popular because of their fans. They are actors because of their fans. The craze for Bollywood can be well witnessed everywhere. From clothes to hairstyles of actors and actresses of Hindi films are blindly followed. All this fuels up a question in mind- why Indian youth is so much fascinated?

You do have a Wallpaper of your favorite actresses on your desktop. What does it suggest? In clearer words, it may be your liking for the person, attraction or to have a sense of bonding. This can be a psychological effect of liking somebody whom you want to have a bonding (may be imaginary) with and to cherish it further you need something tangible like Celebrity Wallpaper or so.

Some people often relate to them as their role models. They get inspired from them and pave their way of success.  These Actor or Actresses quite often act as a source of motivation for their fans. Some people try to be like them by imitating their actions and end up getting bruises over their head or so.

It should be taken in deep consideration that it is always good to have role models but don’t lose your own identity by following them blindly. You may get to be with them or not but always believe that you’re also born to create marvels. Don’t worry to be with the personality, you can be one on your own!

Vivica Mitra is the one who is going to rule your heart with her innocence. An upcoming model, actress, and producer, Vivica was last seen in a Bollywood Film – Singh Is King where her role was short but effective. She has also done a TV series Blue Sandals. She is well versed in quite a few languages like Italian, German, French, Spanish and some Indian languages as well. All in all, Vivica’s classical beauty, versatile and charismatic character is set to electrify Bollywood. To download her Hot and Steamy Wallpapers, please log on to

I have always looked up to Madhu Bala, Mahuri Dixit (now Nene) and Malika Sherawat and simply uttered … oh man! This is Bollywood. Indeed, this is the very essence of Bollywood and its actresses who have inspired many girls like me to dream big. This is not just going to be mere an article on Bollywood beauties but a wider picture of it. Some of them floating in to my mind are:-
Madhu Bala – This gorgeous lady with wide beautiful eyes has been the face of Bollywood. She has and she is still ruling hearts of many with her graceful smile. Her career shot up with the film Mr. and Mrs. 55.  She is regarded as one of the finest actresses of all times.

Sharmila Tagore – Wears an appealing smile enhanced by dimples – Sharmila Tagore is indeed the most talented and beautiful Bollywood actress of all times. Her prolific acting skills were well proven in super hit films like Aradhna, Amar Prem and Kashmir Ki Kali. She is a National award winner and a proud mother of Bollywood actress Soha Ali Khan and actor Saif Ali Khan.

Zeenat Aman – She easily qualifies for one of the boldest; exceptionally sensational and the classiest Bollywood Actresses of all times.  Because of her raw appeal, she was well suited in different genres of Hindi Cinema and portrayed a different face of Indian woman onscreen. She is known for her critically acclaimed performances in two films namely Satyam Shivam  Sundaram and Qurbani.
Kajol – Every time you think, that Kajol is not going to act more…she just simply proves you wrong. This dusky beauty is a complete package of talent, good looks and humor quotient.  She was appreciated by international critics for her marvelous performance in My Name Is Khan.

Madhuri Dixit – The lady with the killer smile used to be director’s favorite. This girl has indeed set benchmarks for other actresses to follow. She was most recently associated with TV reality show Jhalak Dikhla Ja.

Deepika Padukone – This style diva has created sensation in the nerves with her acting skills. She is one of the most promising faces in the present scenario. With her killer smile and sexy look, she is very popular in the youth brigade.

Apart from all these ravishing beauties, there is someone else who is going to make you dream of her. She is Vivica Mitra. An upcoming model, actress and producer, she was last featured in a Bollywood Film – Singh Is King and was also associated with a TV series Blue Sandals. She can speak Italian, German, French, Spanish and few other Indian languages proficiently. All in all, Vivica’s charming beauty is set to jolt Bollywood. To download her Hot Wallpapers, please log on to

Just for a moment, if we compare our present to that of our forefathers, we’ll find how privileged we are. Not that I am going to brag about the ultra advanced technology in contemporary era, still there is a technological angle to what I say. Earlier before the advent of photography, images could not be recorded, stored and reproduced, a great hurdle for fans and admirers of actors and actresses.  But, we have all the means to do so and perhaps even more. We are fortunate that we can feel connected and accompanied with Hot Actress Photos in our hands or in front of us.

Hot Actresses’ Photos can get at you and make you dream what cannot be even a distant reality. Such visualization costs nothing but yields pleasure like anything. You can dream serenading your favorite actress in the pose she makes in one of sizzling photos. Things can get much hotter and out of control, but that cannot be explained in words, at least here. So pardon me for that.  However, I leave the rest to you to imagine.

Now, where to get the finest collection of Hot Actress Photos? The answer is simple; go online. There are thousands of websites and portals where you can find Hot Celebrity Pictures and download them for free. Online, you get access to huge collection of sizzling Hot Celebrity Wallpapers.  All you need to do is to search online for the images of your favorite actor or actress. Once you get the search results browse through the available pictures and download the one that you find really hot. In this way, you can make a whole collection of Celebrity Wallpapers.

When referring to Hot Celebrity Wallpapers, one name that deserves a special mention is Vivica Mitra. She is a sizzling hot beauty and an upcoming model, actress and producer. In whatever films she has appeared, she has already left a long lasting impression. Besides her looks, she is extremely talented in acting and dancing as well. It won’t long when you see her posters and banners doing the circles everywhere. To know more about Vivica Mitra and to download hot and Sexy Wallpapers Vivica Mitra, you can log on to The website is full of informative and entertaining content on Vivica and her journey from Hollywood to Bollywood. So, do visit it and get to your Vivica better.

Call them hot and sexy; call them sensuous; call them seductive or call them bimbo; the truth is, as many of us will agree, Hot Actresses rule the roost on silver screen.  They may not be endearing to critics, but fans and especially masses simply love them or rather fantasize them.  And what better place than Hollywood to trace some of the Hottest Actresses of all time! Here come the names of few killer beauties that you must have surely dreamt of in those cold nights.
Pamela Anderson, Angelina Jolie, Scarlet Johanson, Megan Fox, Rosy Huntington and many others.

Hot Celebrity Wallpapers are a rage among youth. On the internet, they figure in the list of most downloaded items, and this has been so for a long time now. The reasons are not difficult to judge. We humans have our own appetite of sex failing to whet that, leads to frustration and lack of concentration.  Hot Hollywood Actresses Pictures are the perfect recipe to gratify the “sex senses”, a crucial biological and social need.

If we delve deep we will find, to an extent the same Hot Pictures that whet the sex appetite, arouse the suppressed passions. The solutions for this cycle are just Hot Wallpapers. The more you watch, the more you feel aroused and the more is the gratification. All this discussion may portray men in bad light but if it’s unfair to admire beauty and to have a suppressed lust for it, let unfairness prevail.

Not lets, divert our attention to another Hot Actress that may not be very well known in common circles, but in the film industry she is stepping up the ladder of success at a brisk pace. Here, the reference is to the Hot and sexy Vivica Mitra. She is a well-known actress, model and producer. She shot to fame with her guest appearances in few flicks, and the rest is a success story.

If you are a Vivica Mitra fan, and obsessed with her Hot Wallpapers, you must check out On this website you can view and download Hot Celebrity Wallpapers and images. There is no better way to know your Vivica more closely than logging on to this website. So, hurry up and get to know the naughty stories that Vivica likes to share with her fans and admirers.

It’s the fans that set an actor on pedestal and make him the “superstar”. Without fans actors won’t be ”a heartthrob”; there won’t be anyone to emulate them; there won’t be one to idolize them; everything would then just be so normal for them, with no real element of privilege, specialty and distinction. Actors may or may not be aware of the strong love, affection and bonding that the fans do develop for their favorite stars but they know how to whet the appetite of their admirers and lovers.  Here the reference is to none other than Celebrity Pictures. To the say the least, craze for Celebrity Pictures is simply incredible and it’s no “rocket science” to figure out the reasons for this.

Bridging The Gaps
Celebrity Pictures, in the first place, bridge the gaps between celebrities and their admirers. Physical and social barriers such as distance, status, etc. between the two still remain, but it’s true that pictures don’t let the feeling of being isolated from your favorite stars, to creep in.  Simply stating, you feel connected.

A Source Of Strength & Inspiration
Actors and actresses too are humans and the notion that their life is a “bed of roses” may be grossly misplaced. They too have had fought battles with hardships and tough times, at some point or the other in their journey to success. Celebrity Pictures, their related stories, anecdotes, serve as a source of inspiration for fans and admirers. Commons not only draw inspiration but attempt to emulate the same and pave their own path to name and fame.

Memorizing The Journeys
Stars don’t shot to fame in one day. There is a long journey, many gossips, hidden stories, and of course pictures. For many, collection of Celebrity Photographs depicting the course of an actor’s life is something worth doing.  Such pictures aptly sum up the journey and leave behind cherishing memoirs for fans and admirers.

Talking about Celebrities and pictures and not mentioning Vivica Mitra will be unfair. She is an upcoming model, actress and producer and has several films, plays and modeling assignments to her credit. This is one name you will be hearing a lot in coming days. She has already knocked the doors of Indian film industry with a bang. You can visit and download Celebrity Wallpapers. And yes, beware, Vivica and her pictures are just too hot!

Famous Blonde Actresses

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Blonde-haired women happen to be very beautiful and attractive. They are stereotyped as funny and desirable. It is also said that they are dumbest of all other women. There are many jokes and movies based on the stupidity of a blonde woman. Keep all the stereotyped statements aside and look into reality. There are number of Hollywood actresses, who by their talent and intelligence have ruled the hearts of millions. They were not only the most beautiful women but also very successful in their era. Some of the Famous Blonde Actresses are:

  • Marilyn Monroe: Even after her death, Marilyn Monroe is the one of most celebrated Hollywood actresses. She was born in America and went on to become a very popular singer, actress and model of her era. She was considered to be sexiest actress of her time. She has done various successful movies like, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot, etc.
  • Katherine Heigl: She is an American actress and producer born to German-Irish father and German mother. She is well known for her roles in Grey’s Anatomy, New Year’s Eve, Knocked Up, The Ugly Truth, etc.
  • Reese Witherspoon: This blonde beauty became a household name by her movie Legally Blonde. This American actress and producer has a lot of successful movies to her credit like Sweet Alabama Home, Walk the Line, Cruel Intentions, etc.
  • Jennifer Aniston: She is another blonde American beauty who is actress, director and producer by profession. Jennifer Aniston is recognized as Rachel Green, character that she portrayed in Friends series. There are many T.V. serials and movies to her credit like, Friends, The Good Girl, Bruce Almighty, Marley & Me, etc. She was married to Brad Pitt for five years and is currently single.
  • Cameron Diaz: The Mask star Cameron Diaz is yet another American actress and model who shot to fame not just by her killing goldilocks but also by her talent.  She is known as one of the Charlie’s Angels. High profile movies like My Best Friend’s Wedding, There is Something About Mary, Charlie’s Angels, Bad Teacher, etc. are to her credit.

Apart from the above-mentioned talented beauties, Vivica Mitra is another model and actress who is not blonde but still carries an enviable charm and grace. She may be unknown to many but she is an upcoming star in the Indian film industry. She has a deadly combination of gorgeous looks and skills. Log on to and download Vivica’s Hot Wallpapers. Be cautious, her images are really steamy and may set you on “fire”.

Fitness is vital for everyone. It creates a positive impact on one’s body, mind and soul. Not only for men but also for women fitness is crucial. During her life, a woman goes through different hormonal changes. Many women are so busy working in and out of their homes that they hardly find time for themselves. This ignorance can be the root to an array of health problems. Following are some simple Workout Tips From Hollywood Fitness Babes which will not only make you look gorgeous like them but also help you to maintain your fitness.

  • Be Consistent:Consistency is very important in exercise. You cannot reach to a result without consistency. It does not matter for how many hours you work out, but it is important that you follow your regime consistently. If you work out one day and take rest the next day you will never achieve your set goals. Stick to a program. Exercise for an hour or two so that you can follow it up on other days without feeling tired.
  • Follow an Effective Exercise Routine and type: Follow an effective exercise routine and exercises. According to your daily routine adjust or take out one or two hours for your exercise. Before starting your exercise routine, it is important that you consult your doctors. Choose exercises according to your body needs and capacities. If you are a heart patient or an asthma patient, consult professionals for training and guidance.
  • Put weights before cardio:Many women start their fitness routines with cardio exercises, and then follow it up with weight lifting. Weight lifting is very important as it tones your body and increases your stamina. Therefore, most of the time should be devoted to weight training rather than cardio exercises. ‘
  • Use the Pal System: Call a friend or a relative whom you like and who like you wants to be fit. Exercising with friend gives encouragement and happiness. Exercising with friends is more convenient than doing it alone. This way friend encourages each other and enjoys what they do.
  • Do not overdo it:The average women’s fitness regime should not be more than an hour at a time. Over doing exercise can make you tired and bored. Do not same exercises over extended periods as they become monotonous and boring. Narrow your period and change your exercises to add more fun and get better results.
  • Be Happy: It is very important to love what you do. If you will do what you love, you will feel happy and motivated. Therefore, pick an activity you really enjoy doing. You can lose weight with any activity. If you hate going to gym then do not go. Instead, play your favorite sport or dance. Choose only those activities, which can be followed up daily.
  • Be Patient: Always remember that patience is a key to success. Even if you are consistent, there may be times when there will be difficulties. In that case, do not lose hope. Do not give up. Stick to your goals until they have been achieved.

Follow the above mentioned fitness tips and get hot, enviable body like Vivica Mitra. Vivica Mitra is an upcoming model and actress and she has already been making headlines in gossip sections of leading media channels. She is hot and skilled, a killing combination. You can log on to and know more about Vivica Mitra. You can also download her steamy images from this website.